details…not completely

Yes, it is inflammatory breast cancer. [Didn’t we learn this already?] No, we don’t know the extent of it. I have to go through further testing to determine if it has metastacized. Tests include:

  • heart “muga” [gotta look up muga] test (because I have a murmur and one of the drugs can affect the heart muscle, though only 2% ever experience this “side effect”) – scheduled Aug 17th;
  • bone density test – scheduled Aug 19th;
  • cbc (blood work) – done today – and each day before chemo;
  • CT scan – to be scheduled;
  • ANOTHER biopsy – core sample biopsy this time – to be scheduled.

All tests to provide a baseline of my health right now AND to determine if the cancer has spread. If the cancer is localized as the MRI shows it, then it’s 100% curable. If it’s metastacized, then it’s a full on fight and no guarantees. It might take another three weeks to have that answer.

But we’re not waiting on tests to start chemo – first chemo is on Monday at 2:30 p.m. Oh yeah, 100% hair loss. So I’ll likely shave my head next Saturday before the hair falls out. Must remember to have Vince do before and after photos. And no, I’m not interested in a wig. I mean really, what’s the point of spending $200 – $400 on something you wear for 6 months? Hats are much less expensive and just as good.

Chemo will be once every three weeks – 8 treatments in total. The first 4 are a cocktail and the final 4 are a different drug.

Next step after that is radiation.

Final step: full mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes.

I’m actually feeling rather positive despite being scared silly.

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