I am sooooooo disappointed in myself that I didn’t think of the plaster idea. I’m blaming it on too many cancer drugs.

This just in, via email, from KTB (tee hee):
I must have been nuts to have mentioned it…I should know better.  You are the type and always have been – one who would do stuff completely off the wall.

No blame to KTB, I take all the blame. Such a fertile mind I have!!! Power of suggestion works wonders! And damn that I didn’t think of it myself. And though the thought is a good one, Vince won’t be here for the plaster mould. The gal doing it will take a mould and then take it home to do a casting, she’ll even paint it any way I want. Gotta think about that one now.

Though I gotta admit, I was wondering how to dress the girls for the photo shoot.

Photo shoot is still going ahead – a separate thing for just Vince and me to share.


1 thought on “disappointed

  1. For the photo shoot, I suggest tassles….you can get big curtain ones at any fabric store…double sided tape sticks anything to anything else….or there’s body paint. Of course, these are just suggestions, nothing from experience whatsoever….
    Hey, if I’m going to get you in trouble, I might as well jump in with both feet!

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