doctor who funny

Last week Vince and I decided to get takeout from Barb’s Place. It’s a fish and chips place, also offering mussels, oysters, clams, crab and burgers. Often voted as one of the “Best in the City” places to go. It’s at Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a marine moored with working fishing vessels, pleasure boats with live-aboard residents, float homes, and commercial businesses (charter boats, food kiosks and other unique shops). Barb’s is a floating business.

Standing in line, my cellphone rings. As I pull it out of my purse, I hear a very British accent behind me say, “Mummy, it’s Doctor Who.” Mother responds, “Where?!!” and child says, “No Mummy, it’s the theme song for Doctor Who.” Both were a little embarrassed when they realized it was my phone.

It’s my ringtone for family so I know to pick up. [My boss has a separate ringtone ☺.] It’s not a ringtone easily known here and so my amusement was to have the most likely people to recognize it standing right behind me.