It shouldn’t be any surprise given the amount that I read that I should invest in an e-reader. I did so for Christmas last year.

I could have gone for bells and whistles and an e-reader that reads many formats (e.g. Sony’s), but I chose instead simple and cheap: Kobo. I’ve never not been able to find a book on the Kobo site, and so it has served me well and saved me a lot of money on books. The average price for a hardcover new release is $30, the average price for an electronic new release is $16. Good deal.

I am in the middle of a new book. Last night it was evident I was a little bit tired. As I came to the end of the page, I literally moved my hand up and tried to catch the edge of the page to turn it. Yes indeed, I had forgotten that I was not reading a physical book.

How embarrassing and so entirely me.


2 thoughts on “e-reader

  1. I honestly don’t want an ereader. I have been, and likely always will be enamoured with the smell of the pages, the physicality of holding a new book in your hands and bending the spine for the first time.
    Thus, I wait a bit longer for books to come to me as I don’t typically pay hardcover price, but with all of the used book stores around, combined with family and friends who are as voracious in their reading as I, I am never at a loss for reading material.
    I once attended a wedding where the bride (typically wore glasses) put contacts in for the ceremony. At a particularly touching moment, she reached up, ‘lifted her glasses’ and wiped a tear away!
    But you’re right, typical you!

  2. I can’t wait to see what Amazon has up its sleeve this 28th. I am strongly considering an e-reader and would have gotten a Kindle but for the constant rumours that it is going to be replaced soon.

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