Today is the end of the conference and I am emotionally and physically exhausted. And I can’t believe it is all over.

I have met and been surrounded by phenomenal women, all who share the bond of breast cancer with me. I never expected to say that I felt isolated in Victoria, but it felt good to be with women who truly understood what I have gone through.

I have laughed and cried. It’s just all so overwhelming.

As I leave the conference behind me, I come away with a piece of knowledge I didn’t have before. I no longer need to wonder “now what” because it’s apparent to me that I’ve already decided what that is and have been doing it all along: I am going to live my life. I don’t need all the answers or pieces right now, those will come as life happens; what’s important is that I move forward.

I also know that it’s not a “new” normal I seek. I’ve changed, how could I not? But then again, I’ve changed every year that I get older, the only difference is how fast this one happened and why.

It’s not a fumbling for where my place is that has me slightly flumoxed; it’s getting back into a routine, one that isn’t scheduled around the doctor’s appointments or the Cancer Clinic.

It will take some time to process all that has happened here.

Pics now posted for those interested.


1 thought on “exhausted

  1. I’m glad you were able to make the journies you have, both physically and emotionally this past week.
    I’m sure things will become even clearer as you reflect on the experiences of your week.
    Safe journey home…
    Much love

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