fall alert


I’ve said before that I am a fall risk. January proved that if I go down, that I am unable to get myself up. There are two things that contribute to this: medication and the brain tumour.

a fall

Yesterday I fell in a grocery store. It was simply a misstep, not a medical cause but it was terribly embarrassing. And yes, it has shaken  my confidence.

I am still very wobbly / unsteady. I hit my head and really banged up my hip. I expect more bruises to appear. Vince had help from another shopper to get me up.

What this has done is convince Vince that we are always going to use the transport wheelchair going forward if I leave the apartment. No more use of the walker except for in the apartment.

Can’t really blame him. What I’m most unhappy about is how this has ramped up Vince’s worry for me.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you have someone who cares so deeply for you and your well being.

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