far, far from the maddening crowd

After participating in BC 150 celebrations last August, it was my wish to be far, far from the maddening crowd today as the Olympic flame arrived from Greece and the kick off for the torch relay consumed my city.

And so, I have avoided the downtown core entirely.

And then I’m hearing helicopters this evening. Yes plural. One news and one RCMP.

My brain says, huh, look it up. And so I find that the route is literally going to be turning at almost at the end of my street to go towards the ocean.

And the bah humbug in me melted (but my heart did NOT grow in size). I mean, how often do you get to see a such a thing? This is once-in-a-lifetime. Out I went as the police vehicles started to show up and block traffic. The entourage took longer than the torch bearer to go by. I think I saw him all of 2 seconds.

But now I can say that I saw.