fashion sucks

Bear with me for the repeat…it’s worth it at the end.

As I continue my quest for tops/blouses that don’t accept/account for boobs (or lack thereof, I should say), I am definitely encountering a pandemic problem: the short sleeves are made with cutsie cuffs and are strangling the shit out of my upper arms.

Yesterday I tried on what appeared to be a totally cool blouse (on the rack, of course) – shiny, plum, crinkly – but the sleeves!! Oh my!!! They were painful.

And now the embarrassing moment: I had to call Vince into the dressing room to get me OUT of the damn thing!!! I was panicked that I was stuck and we’d have to purchase it just to cut it.

Vince couldn’t understand why, when I could feel the tightness that I didn’t just stop. Sigh. Tight when going on could equate to moron trying on blouse (twisted sleeves, etc.) and I don’t know for absolute certainty until it is on. Next tight garment is totally being tossed before I get to that stage again.

The limited movement in my left side makes for interesting times. It’s my story, I’m sticking to it.


[or give me strength, whichever comes first]