fatigue central

I know, I know. I haven’t written anything for a while – too long by some.

I’ve been SOOOOO tired that even thinking about what to write has been exhausting.

I think I did okay on the new chemo drug. No nausea. The other side effects are minimal - lots of achy joints and muscles there for a couple days, resulting in two days of no “one” comfortable position, and flu-like symptoms. The purge (burning ring of fire) is there, but without the agonizing back up. And mouth sores are starting today.

But overall it’s the fatigue that’s getting to me. It’s true. Each time it gets worse.

And last week I was celebrating that I have only 3 more chemos to get through (Nov. 27, Dec 18 and Jan 8) and then it hit me that I’ve still got 16 more herceptin treatments (every three weeks by IV). I haven’t even asked about the tamoxifen that I’m supposed to get right around radiation. Betcha it’s IV too.

The other good news is that my skin isn’t as sensitive as it was. Small blessings are big right now.




1 thought on “fatigue central

  1. Hey Gayle!

    I know what you are going through and don’t forget to rest. Drink your water and keep on keeping on!

    As for the tamoxifen…it comes in pill form! I am almost finished my round of it…five long years! The best part of it is that I am here to celebrate!

    Hugs hugs hugs, hang in there dear! You can do it!


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