feeling good

Just a quick note to say that I continue to rebound well after chemo treatments.

I still tire a little more easily than before chemo/cancer, but the fatigue levels seem to drop the further away I get from the treatment.

And it’s amazing how much better I feel than during “chemo week”, as I’ve taken to calling that week after a treatment.

Two funnies for you:

Last Friday I went to try and use an old expression to describe my frustration level at some of the bureaucratic BULLSHIT I’ve dealt with at work…the expression? “I’m pulling my hair out.” Kinda hard to use the expression if you have no hair to pull out.

And this morning I had an alarm clock malfunction. The alarm light was lit, the music level tested and the wake up time confirmed. Unfortunately, no alarm went off. I got up at 8 a.m. (a full 30 – 45 min later than usual). I made it out the door in 20 minutes. There’s something to be said for having no hair – I didn’t have to worry about washing, drying and styling!! Whu-hoo.


3 thoughts on “feeling good

  1. You’d better get those curls you’ve always wanted after this is true. You TOTALLY deserve them.

  2. Hi Gayle

    I have been following your blog for a few months now. I heard from Russ the news.

    I think your blog is a great way to keep everyone informed.

    Scott audtioned for a part in Vancouver, so if he gets it (which I doubt), we will make a side trip to the island.

    Keep up with the fight, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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