five years ago

Five years ago today I was numb. My doctor had told me that I had breast cancer.  And in that moment my whole world went upside down.

Five years later, I am a lot calmer but no less emotional. This is my date. I am 5 years A.D. – 5 years after disease.

Did I think I would be here? Not really. Everything I read about inflammatory breast cancer and its survival rates led me to believe I was not in a good place. When I celebrated four years since surgery back in May, I admitted the truth to my doubts. One friend scoffed. She said she expected no less from me, “Do you know the Gayle I do? She’s stubborn and she’s strong.”

I am so happy and blessed to be here. While the treatment and recovery were my own, my battle with cancer was shared by family and friends, whose support helped me past pity parties and some of the worst of the treatment than I could have imagined.

To all those who supported me then and support me now, know that your support has meant the world to me.

To those that I have loved and lost to cancer, you are never forgotten.

To those that battle it now, never give up. We can thrive, even in adversity.