fluorescent orange pee

Honestly, 2009 hasn’t started off the best.

I’ve got a bladder infection. Caught just before it became a kidney infection. Yay me.

But the pain, burning and need to pee kept me up last night. To help, beyond the antibiotic, the doc prescribed pyridium, a pill containing a dye that acts like a painkiller.

Side effect? ORANGE pee, and if I’m lucky, orange tears. I don’t plan to cry, but you never know.

Okay. Okay. Maybe “fluorescent” is a bit of a stretch; it’s certainly bright!


1 thought on “fluorescent orange pee

  1. Ain’t modern science entertaining?
    I’m with you on a sucky start to 2009 though…so far, car accident, my fault, flood in the house with damage to the front hall when the washing machine overflowed, and replacement of the hot water heater…and each time there’s been damage…water tank and flood, Luke’s been sick.
    God certainly does have a sense of humour!
    Get better soon.

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