four, five and six

The month of May is loaded with dates for me.

May 5, 2008 – Four years ago this date, I returned to work full-time after all surgeries and all treatments. Yes, I had returned to work in July/August 2007, but it doesn’t seem quite real to me considering the bilateral salipingo-oopherectomy hysterectomy was the proactive step against recurrence. Still a mouthful to say let alone type!

May1, 2007 – Five years since I had my mastectomy. I don’t care what my oncologist says, this is my FIFTH anniversary.

May 7, 2006 – Six years ago this day my breast changed. That started a journey that has changed my life.

I never lose sight of the statistics. 20% survive to 24 months from diagnosis. 40% make the 5-year mark.

I’m beating the stats. How awesome is that?