fuzzy wuzzy

Razzed my oncologist at our meeting on Friday.

Apparently I’m not going to be in the 100% hair loss society. I do have growth. Granted, very thin, but it’s now so fuzzy that I can lather it when I shampoo.

It looks cute at the length it is now, but I suspect another clipping is in order before long.

When I shared my head with my oncologist, he did mention that I might have some growth (ya, ya, sort of a side comment to my demand “and what if I don’t lose my hair?”). But what was really funny? I swear he wanted to touch my head, but didn’t.



1 thought on “fuzzy wuzzy

  1. You are hilarious Gayle. Next time you have to tell him “Go on! I KNOW you want to!” and it has to be in one of those cool pervy british accents. :o)

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