gayle’s “baby”

Today I bring you Perry, bonded to me. So, while I say he’s my baby, the truth is, I belong to him. He’s now 7 years old and he’s a pearl cockatiel.You may remember him, he’s the fella that slept on me as I slept off some chemo effects last fall.

Sometimes he gets referred to as Periwinkle, but his true name is Perry.

I just love to watch Perry when I get home, he’s just so excited to see me….so excited, in fact, that he almost falls off the perch. That’s what makes Perry the perfect bird for me ~ he’s a clutz!!

He’s pretty mild tempered, pretty much a scarty cat around the lovies, and he can’t land worth a shit [“thunk” comes to mind as the way to describe his landings].


1 thought on “gayle’s “baby”

  1. Maybe he should be called Slinky instead of Perry if he’s a big klutz!
    He’s too cute..can’t wait to meet the rest of the gang!

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