happy b-day to me

Yep, today’s my birthday. I’m counting on 41 being a LOT better than 40.

You know, I was thinking about these milestone birthdays, and they just don’t work out for me.

  • 10 – my cousin chose my birthday as her day to get christened - I was not the centre of attention for the most part of the day, which was devastating to a 10-year old;
  • 20 – my grandmother died and I was going through a “what am I doing in sciences” crisis at university – I mourned her for a long time and switched to Arts;
  • 30 – I separated from my first husband and got divorced a year later;
  • 40 – diagnosed with breast cancer and the following months endured a treatment cycle that truly defies a good description.

So, I’ve got 9 years till 50 and all that time to stop what appears to be a trend!!!!

I’ve had cake (and almost ate it too – too rich!!). And I’m going out to dinner (there’s a rule in my household, no-one cooks on their birthday). I’ve got no complaints.


4 thoughts on “happy b-day to me

  1. You silly goose, 99% of the time you HAVE missed my birthday. This year you were actually on time.

  2. I’ve decided what will happen to you at 50. You shall win the lotto and we shall go on a nice holiday, maybe even back to Montreal or maybe to Paris. It will be faaaabulous dahlingk!

  3. Happy Birthday to my Birthday twin! I know the year ahead will be full of wonderful things for you. Always on my mind…..thankful for strong, amazing, wonderful, funny you! Take care of yourself, and enjoy your special day! You sure do deserve it! Love, H

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