happy spring

Victoria is definitely having some wild weather.Yes, this snow did fall today. And, as usual, dependent on where you live, some got more, some got flakes and nothing staying….it’s just so weird.

Update added – 22 April 2008

What I didn’t mention previously is that Vince and I went exploring a little – for a drive. We were in the Highlands (one of the small municipalities usually lumped in as “Victoria”) and on a road when we came to a fork in the road. We had two choices really. Turn around or go left. The left one was interesting to say the least. Signs posted were: “Two lane traffic, one lane road” and “Local traffic only”.

It was a white-knuckled adventure for Gayle and an adrenaline rush for Vince. It was steep in places, twisty with blind curves, barely room to pass in more than one spot and was slippery. The melting snow pummelled the van at times and I jumped when the snow hit.

All in all, it was an adventure!


1 thought on “happy spring

  1. Victoria – snow…
    Ontario – +22….
    But there’s no such thing as global warming…
    Remember that!

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