having a moment

I’m having a moment…or two.

I read the news online. Generally I avoid Fox News, MSNBC and other sites like them—sites where journalistic integrity is sadly lacking and the ability to tell the news is seemingly not possible. I generally focus on CBC, sometimes BBC. Rarely do I go to the National or Globe&Mail—they’ve successfully pissed me off on their reporting.

Let’s go back to Saturday night. What did you do? Me? I watched the CBC’s live broadcast of The Tragically Hip’s final night in Kingston, Ontario of its 2016 tour. Think about it. The CBC broadcast this concert live and commercial free for the entirety of the concert—THREE encores. That is amazing.

Now let me be honest here, The Tragically Hip are a not one of my ‘must see’, gush-about bands. They’re music is okay and I have been known to sing along with a tune or two. What they are to me is an iconic Canadian band from their roots to their lyrics. Throw in a tragic twist and I’m willing to pay a bit more attention. But what’s making me pay attention is how Gord is choosing to live his life. Get that? LIVE his life. And guess what? I did get choked up a couple of times watching Gord Downie’s emotions, having some of the lyrics hit home very poignantly, amazed and in awe of all the twitter fans posting non-stop their own joy and emotions. One of my favourite twitter posts says this:

Next time I’m about to whine of how tired I am at work, I’ll remember that I watched a man with a brain tumour rock the shit outta 3 hours.

I didn’t want it to end. It was an epic event. And I’m glad I watched.

As for what set me off, it’s simple: news story comments. Why I expected people who read the CBC news online to have an inkling of intelligence is something I was sadly mistaken on. The haters are definitely gonna hate hate hate (damn you certain blonde singer for that line).

I’m stunned at the negativity and ignorance of the comments. People are posting comments slamming Trudeau for using the concert as a platform (wait. what? good ol’ Gordie called him out as I recall), freedom of speech is being suppressed (um, didn’t your post and others doing the hate thing appear?), somewhere there’s a whole diatribe on this all being related to liberal sycophantism (what??? yes, I know what the word means, but where the hell did that come from?), and so much more. Belittling this as some kind of cheap political gamesmanship is laughable.

This was something meaningful. A man who happens to be our current Prime Minister attended, not as the PM, but as a fan just like many, MANY others did. Gord spoke briefly about what was on his mind. That’s his right. And in the end, the only words I will take from this all are Gord’s himself:

Thank you for that.

You know what? Comments on news articles shouldn’t be allowed. Period.


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  1. One of the weaknesses of the Internet is that there is no intelligence/empathy test to access it.

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