Here are three reasons why I despair for language.

From the National Post

Canada imports brains

  • Well that explains a lot.

From the Times Colonist

Vandals destroy North Saanich school courtyard, poop through skylight

  • To echo a co-worker, I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: that vandals thought to do that or that the newspaper felt the need to use that particular verb.

From the Globe and Mail

Star high school athlete actually a man: police

  • So, here I’m thinking that a man passed himself off as a woman, but why would the police be involved?
  • Because it was an adult passing himself off as a teen.


Journalists graduate from university, take a special program, and this is the way in which they use language??!!

Now let’s consider the individual who has English as a second language. What do you think they’re thinking when they read these headlines?

Freak-out over.