• Things are kind of in a holding pattern as I heal.
  • At the direction of the cardiologist and my family physician, I am taking 5 weeks to allow the blood thinners to work on the clots and recover in general.
  • I see my medical oncologist on Feb 8 to find out if there is a next step. I am NOT doing that oral chemo again.
  • On positive notes–
    • I have regained my appetite though I am still cautious about what I’m eating.
    • I no longer have diarrhea. Yippee!!
    • I still can’t pull my own undies on, but I  can now do socks.
    • Sleep is no longer an issue; naps are a must each day and are not affecting my bed time at all.
    • I have invested in a medical alert device so that if I fall again (which almost seems inevitable), I have the ability to call for help. Not doing January 13 again.

new email distribution

I was getting way too many spam email sign ups on the last email subscription plugin so I’m trying a different one.  I think I managed to get all the old subscribers signed up.  Hope so at least. 

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