health update

Long overdue, I know.

The abscess has cleared, the wound closed but still healing.

I’ve had more hot flashes than I care to count, but they’re still mild and for that I’m grateful.

On Monday I see my surgeon for a “final” exam and hopefully release from her care. She’ll do a full exam, kinda like having my last PAP I think, without the swab!

On Tuesday I see my oncologist. I’m only just beginning to realize the down side to my appointments with my oncologist now. Knowing that there is an appointment starts me thinking too much, feeling symptoms where all may be well ~ in other words, going into hyperdrive with stress and anxiety because of upcoming appointments. Seeing my onc now equates with confirming I’m still clear. And what if I’m not? Do I have the same courage as the people I admire?

Stay tuned.