heat wave

Victoria is having a heat wave ~ a tropical heat wave. And, as usual, I’m suffering. Sleep last night was sketchy and miserable.

The only thought I had this morning as I was selecting my wardrobe was to wonder how much skin could I show and still be respectable at work while cooler at the same time. Then I laughed. My options are a wee bit limited, as in, no cleavage so no low cuts, lymphedema so no sleeveless tops (hate how the compression sleeve pinches top of my arm and makes me look uncomfortable but I’m not ~ I’m getting used to my contradictions, are you?), and generally ROUND figure, so no short anythings.

Completely respectable in skirt and t-shirt style top.


Update: Supper-time local news tonight ran a story on just this very theme. Apparently I’m a lot wiser than some out there.

1 thought on “heat wave

  1. Heat wave huh? Sunday is supposed to be rainy and 13 here…
    I’m starting to wonder about the cottage in two weeks…there was snow in North Bay on Monday last…there could be icecubes in the lake when we get there…won’t stop the kids.

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