hells bells

pin cushion

I’m a human fluffing pin cushion. When I was wheeled in for my surgery, I warned the aenesthetist that my veins run away; I was told not to worry, they would use an ultrasound to find one. What happened? I have THREE fluffing aborted spots/bruises on my arm, and they put a borg implant into my neck. I warned them!

Today’s test was a bone scan, requiring an injection of a radioisotope. The first vein chosen collapsed. A IV specialist brought in; first poke 100% failure. Second specialist brought in to insert an IV so that I could be given the injection. My 10-minute appointment turned into an hour appointment.

This time I will be requesting a port-a-cath put in before any chemo treatments, which I believe will happen. I resisted such a device the first time around. I was more afraid of infection; if I work well with my medical team, I should be able to mitigate that risk. Nothing like hindsight to make you wiser. Pfft. I can be such an idiot sometimes.

different approach this time

Unlike my first time with cancer, I’m taking a different approach this time. I haven’t gone online to search a hundred million things. I turned out to be my own worst enemy, and I really didn’t get all that much more than I got from my oncologist other than severe anxiety. It’s not that I won’t look stuff up; but I need a starting point, I need to know a direction. Stay tuned – I should have at least the radiation answers this Friday.

Live. Breathe. Thrive.❣

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