new word: hoardinizing

Vince and I made up a word this past week. We were trying to describe the habit I have of keeping things (otherwise known as hoarding for some people) and what I’m trying to do: go through everything and organize it (or just plain chuck it, as the case may be).

Let’s be clear, this is not a hoarding situation. According to psychiatric sites:

[Hoarding] involves clutter that takes over the living spaces of the home (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc.) and keeps them from being usable for everyday living – cooking, eating, relaxing, sleeping, moving freely through the house, etc.

International OCD Foundation

And the stuff I have is better classified as clutter. As none of it has taken over my home (except it has…as we decide what to throw out and donate — my living room floor is becoming an obstacle course). Hmmmmm…..

What I am is a sentimentalist. I love the warm feelings I get with the memories that go with objects/items.

I’m organizing and de-cluttering—a good thing when you’re ‘stuck at home’—and ensuring that Vince isn’t left wondering what the hell he needs to do with all my things.

today’s funny

I like pens. I like pens that write smoothly and don’t make my hand hurt when I’m writing. Over the years I seem to have acquired a collection. Rather than evaluate each pen, I threw out probably a good several dozen (yes, that many) without pausing. However, at our lawyer’s office today, I managed to acquire two more—one just because I touched it! I’m hopeless.

Live. Thrive. Laugh ❣

2 thoughts on “hoardinizing

  1. There is a show that helps with the organization and elimination of ‘things’.
    According to the host of the show, if you pick something up and it doesn’t give you a feeling of joy, you should thank it for its service and pass it along or discard as the case may be.
    I have a collection of ‘stuff’ that I would have issue discarding.
    Maybe it’s a generational thing!

  2. My wife and I both hope that we go before the other in order to avoid the decluttering process. Haha

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