holy shit sick

Saturday I went to be with an aching left arm — you know, the one with lymphedema?  I didn’t think much of it; depending on my posture or activity during the day, this is a common thing for me.

Woke up Sunday with a very sore arm that was red and blotchy. Thought maybe the way I slept and would fade. In an hour, redder than before, spreading and pretty solid now from shoulder down to mid forearm, heat radiating off it AND I started to get fever (holy heck fever at that) and chills. I didn’t think twice, walked the 5 blocks to the walk-in clinic. Given the pain in my upper arm, I thought it was lymphangitis (infection of lymph nodes). It is cellulitis. And I’m not permitted to wear my compression garment until the infection is cleared.

In the first 48 hours, I think I was awake maybe 8 or 9 hours.

Day 3, I develop hives on the same arm. New level of panic. Discussion with doctor. My body is overreacting to the infection. It’s not an allergic reaction to the medication because the hives appear nowhere else.  Fever broke later that day.

And now I’m dealing with the lymphedema part of that arm. Without the compression garment, it’s not behaving either.

Sigh. What a rotten frakin week.


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  1. Hi,

    I am a member of the Her2support Board. Happened to see one of your old post today and ventured into your blog. So sorry that you are experiencing cellulitis. I was fitted with the compression sleeve and glove ‘after’ my cellulitis was treated.

    The infection was caused by some ‘tiny’ bug bites on one of my fingers. The redness crepted all the way to the albow within two days and I was hooked to IV for antibiotics right away when my husband alerted my oncology nurse. I was undergoing chemotherapy at the time.

    Just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and hope you are feeling better.


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