hot hot hot

It was indeed a beach day.Loved it.

Best laughs of the day came from a dog.

First story: A border collie was with its owners as they walked down the beach. The collie carried a bright orange ball and was, of course, playing fetch as they walked. As they came into view of Vince and me, the dog made a beeline towards me, dropped the ball about 3 feet away from me and then walked away about 10 feet, sat then laid down. Looked at the ball. Looked at me. Looked at the ball. Looked at me. The intent was obvious and just made me howl out loud. It’s not often that I get such an invitation. So, the ball was thrown. But that’s all the opportunity I got, because the family had moved on down the beach knowing their dog would catch up.

Second story: Not far past us, the collie began barking like mad and was hopping around and digging at a piece of driftwood. Appreciate please that the wood was about 10 feet long and of significant diameter.  But the man pushed the log into the water and gave it a good heave ho to float it out there. In went the collie, who “chased it down” and, no joke, managed to grab an end of it and hauled it back to the beach. That was all the collie needed, out it came, leaving the log in the water, and off they all went down the beach.

And yes, on the return trip, I was offered the ball again.

Here’s a picture of lumpy me!


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  1. That’s an awesome picture. I love it. Did you do a good throw? I usually do one that sucks and the dog looks at me with a “you call that a throw? he evil cat next door could do better” expression. Glad you got some sunshine! :o) Ro

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