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I’m getting “please update me emails”. This list comes most recently from an email I received today. Rather than type one reply, copy it and paste it multiple times, I thought I’d do it here in my blog. I’m not a fan of putting stuff like this up on Facebook.

Physical health?

Recovering well and as expected from the surgery. Still getting tired easily, but napping has never been an issue! LOL. Head incision is still basically numb, but healing well. Left side paralysis is gone. Yay!! No headaches. And no seizures.

Latest MRI (two days ago) confirmed brain bleed – still a hematoma in the cavity left by the tumour. But since a hematoma is basically a blood clot, my medical oncologist was not concerned as there is no swelling otherwise.

Mental health?

We all know that I’m crazy, depending on who you ask, I am more/less than usual. Nothing has changed there.

Truth? My anxiety levels are up, no doubt about it. Cause? Twofold – Covid-19 and what’s going on with me.

I’ve always been my own worst enemy. My imagination can and does hit overdrive. Wow, simply wow is all I can say about what I can think up.

Emotional health?

At first I was completely shattered. Now I’m resolute and moving forward. Life is still going on. It can be around me or I can be in it. I’ve chosen to be in it. I still have moments.

How are you handling this roller-coaster ride?

Staying home/in has never been a problem for me. What’s not holding up for me is physical distancing. I like physical hugs and not feeling like I’m repelling anyone who comes near me.

I am grateful for nighttime forehead kisses from Vince, and that we can and do still touch.

Do you get outside at all?

Yes, infrequently. Usually for the unending appointments. I really should get out for a walk on the really lovely days. Sometime.

Is Vince still going into work, and if so, how’s his employer handling physical distancing? Is that another source of worry?

Yes, he is still going to work. He’s considered an essential worker (grocery industry). He works in a warehouse. Social distancing is only enforced if/as they approach each other. All employees have a temperature check on the way in.

No, it doesn’t cause me any anxiety. Should I worry?! This question is making me wonder!!!! Now you’re contributing to my anxiety!! Congratulations. You’re making me more crazy than I already am.

Finally, the email ended with a “threat”!

Keep in touch, Gayle, or I’ll start sending you videos of dancing cockatoos.

This is a threat I welcome. By all means, start sending me silly videos!

Feeling all the love. Thank you.

Live. Thrive. Laugh ❣

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  1. It is so lovely to read your posts and hear your stories and humour Gayle. I can imagine sitting beside you and hearing you tell all this. You always make me laugh. All my love and strength.

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