Hello October. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I must admit that I’m not particularly rah-rah about it. This year is particularly poignant, for the most obvious of reasons. I’m not saying it’s not important to find a cure, because it is. I just want the cure to be for everyone, not just those with breast cancer. I was a little miffed to think of this as breast cancer awareness month, wondering what about those of us with metastatic breast cancer? So I turned to Google and lo and behold, there is an awareness day for metastatic breast cancer (today in fact). What I like about this image are the two words: still fighting.

Let the ramblings commence.

I have gone to the same lab for months now and the ‘vampires’ are now all familiar with me. Every now and again I get one that doesn’t listen to me. For example, do not try for a vein in my hand; they collapse. Guess what? Yep. That’s where she tried. Next person in knew exactly where to go for success. You’d think my file would have a flag on it by now: Gayle Moore’s veins hate surrendering blood; there are only two locations you will have success: the crook of the arm and the biceps [but of course, in medical terminology]. Two amazing bruises later, we were done. My blood work allowed me to begin the next course of palbociclib at full strength.

It gives me no pleasure to admit that side effects are taking their toll. I seem to have one week that is the absolute worst: at the end of one cycle and beginning of the next. I recently re-read the patient handouts for my medications. Guess what? Bruising easily is one of the results of lower platelets. Yay me!? Also on the lists (cause there are two medications):

  • fatigue/tiredness
  • joint/muscle aches
  • sleep disruption (not fair! particularly since I’ve never slept well in the first place)
  • hot flashes (only at bedtime – of course), and
  • my absolute favourite: nausea AND vomiting.

The nausea/vomiting is the latest. It lasted for about 8 days and I was able to cope because I immediately went into survival mode (what to avoid eating, hydrating and having a puke pail handy just in case). Vomiting was limited to one day only. Huzzah! [Find the wins where you can, whenever you can.]

Live. Laugh. Thrive.

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  1. Yeah, when you think you have them trained there’s always the one who slips up on occasion. Keep fighting and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


    Wai Sing

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