hurry up and wait….again

Surprise – biopsy #4 is going to happen. My oncologist needs to determine my HER2 status – the last biopsy came back with ambiguous results.

 I had to laugh. When I saw him yesterday, Dr. Attwell was trying to reach my surgeon at 5 p.m. and was hoping to have the biopsy done this morning (Friday). Well of course I’ve heard nothing and it’s now 10:45…like Dr. Ross can rearrange her schedule that quickly!

But I do appreciate the sense of urgency that Dr. Attwell puts on this, after all, herceptin has been touted as a wonder drug for patients with aggressive cancers.

So, here I sit, on the hurry up and wait schedule one more time.

As for the rest of the appointment, my oncologist is pleased that I am responding to chemo. If he’s pleased, then so am I.

I expressed my needle anxiety to him and he’s prescribed a mild sedative for chemo days. He really doesn’t want me to have a PICC line unless absolutely necessary. [PICC = peripherally inserted central catheter – a catheter is inserted in a vein in the upper arm and the line goes right into or just before the heart.] The downside to PICC lines are infection and clotting. Hey, I’m with him, given those downsides!

As for how I’m feeling…well, let’s just say the fatigue was more prevalent this time around. I had mouth sores last longer, but not as severe. I had heartburn longer and earlier, but it went away. My blood counts are great, I’m tolerating chemo well all things considered. AND, Dr. Attwell told me that the second drug regiment is LESS nauseating than the first…so I’m already winning because I haven’t had anything but fussy stomach on the first regiment.


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