i don’t get it

If you watch the news, or read columns, opinions, etc., you’ll see that Harper and the Conservatives are not well-liked.

So, how is it that the Conservatives GAINED seats this past election AND formed a minority government? Someone had to vote for them!



1 thought on “i don’t get it

  1. I put it down to the parlimentary system…do you vote for the lesser of the evils that will eventually end up in Ottawa, or do you vote for the candidate who may or may not be the best choice in your local riding? Plusses and minusses to both ways of thinking.
    Not to mention way too many people want to use their voting priviledges, but don’t know that they can register a ‘declined vote’ sending a message to the candidates that people want to vote, but don’t want to vote for any of them. Someone needs to let more people know that it is possible to register a vote for “none of the above”.
    If we adapted the US methods, it would be a more even race for PM, but current candidates don’t pass muster in my eyes.
    Just my opinion.

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