i’m a wimp

Today was the day I learned all about giving myself insulin injections.

In theory, it’s a piece of cake. In reality, I’m a wimp.

I have this lovely “pen” so I don’t have to measure doses from a vial, I just dial what I need to take. Once the dose is selected, all I have to do is put the needle in my stomach or thigh and press the “plunger”.

What I didn’t count on was my own reluctance to put that needle anywhere near my stomach. I tried, three times I tried, to put that needle (all 6 mm of it) in my stomach.

In the end, I went into the bathroom and did my thigh.

And guess what, it wasn’t painful and was rather easy (once I stopped shaking).

The second dose at dinner wasn’t perfect, but neither was I scared anymore.

I am easily my own worst enemy!


2 thoughts on “i’m a wimp

  1. Cheryl, Hi Cheryl,

    I am also a Type II. Until the cancer, I was diet with pills for control but there is one medication for the nausea that skyrockets blood sugars when used and so I must do insulin to keep sugars under control.

    The hardest part was not knowing how much the needle would hurt – and it’s not that bad.

    Remembering…now that’s another story.


  2. Were you on oral medication before Gayle? I am Type II myself, but have never had to give myself shots. I used to be a nurse so I don’t have a needle phobia. One forgets that there are other people out there that haven’t shared Needles 101. Mind you I’ve never had to give myself one. Is that the hard part?

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