i’m home

I’m home. Doctor would have kept me one more day, but one more day of three roommates AND hospital food would have made me insane.

What can I say about the hospital except that it’s a hospital, I was bored, the food sucked, I went around with my ass hanging out of a gown and I have a sore back (The Ritz it ain’t!).

Surgery went well. Doctor is pleased with everything. There is a pathology of the items removed in the process. I won’t have answers on that in a while but I’m not worried, this was a  preemptive strike.

I’m sore. This is all the sitting up I’m about to do and bed is calling.


1 thought on “i’m home

  1. Glad you’re home and that surgery went well.
    Rest, relax and heal…
    And while you’re there, send up a few prayers for family members out this way…will explain in a separate email.
    Love and hugs
    KTBS & ABS

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