Today I bring you Indy.We sometimes call Indy by the name of Indianapolis, though I hasten to add Indy was never shortened from that. He’s called Indianapolis because he can go on a whistling rant that can last up to 15 minutes. It’s not so bad in the middle of the day, but he usually does it when the sun comes up. [That’s also, often, when we threaten to roast him for dinner. He laughs at our threats because he knows they’re empty.]

I suppose the best description of him is that he’s the chatty one ~ if you pay attention to him, guaranteed he’ll chirp back at you. He’s also the alpha bird of the group.

He loves to fly to the top of your head ~ well, mostly if you’ve got his favourite fella with you (yes, he’s a fruitcake).

He’s a grey cockatiel and he is the oldest of the bunch ~ 19 years this year.

Tiels can live, so we read, up to 25 years, some even longer.