Saw my endocrinologist this morning. Some times I think David is my comic relief in all of this. One of the smiles I got today came from him wishing to remove my oncologist and my surgeon off his reports (just have them go to GP), but can’t just yet. I somehow don’t think he likes one of them. Just an impression based on a few hints over time (David the consumate professional and would never say anything against a colleague).

My A1C came in at 7.1 – that’s the best it’s ever been (<7.0 is “normal”).

We’re keeping me on insulin for a few reasons: 1) I’m still healing from surgery; 2) My weight still needs to come down;  3) I’ve still got herceptin treatments for the next 30 weeks or so, and it’s a precautionary step because herceptin can affect the liver and the oral med that he’d put me on also can affect the liver; and 4) Unfortunatley, you can’t just stop cold turkey. Besides, I’m doing well on it and not minding the needles (trust me, these needles are nothing compared to what else I’ve been through – and will go through on Wednesday).

All in all, not a bad outing today. I’m feeling better – more alert. I feel like I look like a goon, but other than what people might see as stiffness (which there is), I caught myself in the lobby’s mirrors and I don’t look so bad. Huh. Not as self-conscious about being flat-chested. I think if I lose some of the belly weight, it’ll help me with that – and time too - but I have to say, as any person who can be contradictory, I am not missing them the way I thought I would.