Just heard on the news tonight that this is the first time Halloween has fallen on a Saturday in 11 years.

Fancy that. 11 years ago today Vince and I got married.

What a coincidence!

Seriously, I had no idea that it could be that long between Saturday Halloweens, and how incredibly fortunate for me. It was 1997 and Vince and I had finally, kind of, agreed to marry. Okay, I’ll give you the abbreviated version of how we got to that point. Here is the story:

In 1996 when Vince and I began dating, I had said that I wanted to get remarried. He was not in agreement; he didn’t want to remarry at all, why couldn’t we just live together? I spent about 9 or 10 months trying to point out positives for marriage and how a marriage is what we made it. And then I gave up, realizing that as long as we were together, what did it matter. Though unplanned, it was a classic case of reverse psychology. Vince began to question me why I wasn’t nagging him. I told him that I was happy as we were. He then spent the next 6 or so months trying to change my mind!!

Finally, it was October 1997 and I said, okay, if we got married, when would that be? And Vince responded, “We’ll get married the next time Halloween falls on a Saturday.” It was so funny when I checked the calendar just to find out it was the next year. How I laughed, because I was certain that Vince had only said it because he thought he had at least a couple years.

When I told Vince of the news story tonight, boy did he laugh. He said I would have had a LONG wait to get married then.

Oh, why Halloween you ask. Simple. The man can’t remember dates very well and there is only Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s and Canada day that do not move. The kookiness of Halloween appealed to both of us.

And here we are, married 11 years.

Happy Anniversary to us. Each year is better than the last.


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  1. Interesting way to get your hubby to remember your anniversary…put it on a date he won’t forget.
    Good on both of you for 11+ years together…may there be many, many more.
    Kati & Andrew

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