it’s a fork ~ of course

Sentimentality won out over practicality.


I recently went to the Out of Hand Craft Fair. I love this show; it’s about artisans who create jewellery’ furniture, clothing, food, miscellaneous.


So, as I’m walking through, there is a booth that takes standard food utensils and makes them artistic by adding metal wire and coloured glass. This booth catches my eye because it has a three-pronged fork.


Background: my mom had a three-pronged fork with a bone handle. Mom got it from her grandmother. It was used, in our household, to serve carved meat. It’s in no way similar to a meat fork. I can’t begin to guess the original intent behind her fork, but I can tell you that it wasn’t a pickle fork. Some 15+ years ago, a tine broke off this fork. Mom and I used to scour flea markets and the like looking for a replacement. We never found it, let alone any kind of fork that was three-pronged.

There were two three-pronged forks to choose from. And while I found them to be pickle/relish tray forks, I couldn’t shake my memory of Mom’s fork. So I purchased one.


And then I had a fork with no use, until I told the story to a co-worker. She suggested that I add string and hang it on my tree.




A new ornament AND a Mom memory. Mom used to love Christmas. Next to birthdays, Christmas was her favourite time of year. I love that I’ve found something to remember Mom.


2 thoughts on “it’s a fork ~ of course

  1. Cool that you have a memento of Mom and a story behind it. That’s important.
    BTW – Three pronged forks are available for your use at Olive Garden all the time apparently (at least that’s the option that was presented with my salad just last night).

  2. That’s a great story, Gayle! Now every year you can honour her by putting it on your tree and going over your happy memories.

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