keep an open heart

open heart

I try to avoid commenting on work or work-related items, including sharing communications I’ve received. It goes to perception (others, not mine) and personal integrity.

I’ve no doubt that everyone has heard how protesters blocked all access to Victoria’s parliament buildings on Tuesday and on-going incidents of blocking bridges and other traffic in and around Victoria. Today we have word that government offices will be targeted tomorrow with the goal of “shutting down as many government offices as possible.” Pipelines, First Nations’ territories, climate change…a lot of hot issues here. None of which I care to present my views on (surprise!).

The head of the public service has put out a note to all public servants about tomorrow’s potential disruptions. At the end, this was said:

Please keep an open heart towards all of your colleagues who may have different opinions about the issues surrounding the protests. These are emotional issues about which people can have valid differences of opinion.  We all bring our own personal history to these questions and it is important that we respect that.  Please listen and seek to understand.

I found this profound and it spoke to me. I wish everyone would do this regardless of the issue.


open heart