lame post

I know that my post about meeting up with Tracy was lame, as in: not nearly detailed or long enough. I know. But I was just so emotional, and that’s all I could manage.

So let me give you a few details, but in order to do that, I must provide you a bit of background.

  • Tracy and I met by phone about 11 years ago, when I became the small brokers customer service rep for Canada at my national leasing company.
  • Tracy was the customer service manager at the broker’s office in Calgary.
  • It soon became apparent that we thought alike and worked very well together.
  • It didn’t take long for us to exchange personal emails and then phone numbers and we began to get to know each other this way – lots of personal stuff shared.
  • Very much like a pen pal situation.
  • I was one of the first to know when she found a lump and heard the news of the positive diagnosis.
  • She shared her journey with me, no holds barred, including webcam snapshots of her bald and wearing eye makeup!
  • She laughed the whole time.
  • And when I was going through the diagnosis process, she cheered with me at my “negative” and cried at my positive.
  • And then she received news that her cancer was back, and it was my turn to cry.
  • And still we never met in person – until that Saturday on Salt Spring Island.
  • We’ve shared many virtual hugs over these past years.

So you see, Tracy humbles me and I feel so much like a fraud in comparison to her. She has been my inspiration from day one; she showed me that a cancer diagnosis is not the end of the world. She is the epitomy of what Thrive is all about.

When we met in that park, that hug was long and hearty. And surprisingly, we had no tears. And we had no tears at our parting hug either. But I had to fight to hold them back a couple times.

I love Tracy very much and am so lucky to call her my friend.


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  1. I am delighted that you finally got to meet. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you both. Through you she has inspired me also. What a Thriver.

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