last post for 2011

I’ve thought about this post off and on for about two weeks now. Not specifically as the “last” post for 2011, but what I would write about as this year comes to an end. Then, as I thought an awfully long time, I am at the point where this has become the last post.

There is much to reflect upon as I look back at 2011. Some sadness. Some joy. I think that rather than rambling on and on about 2011, I’ll let my blog speak for the year that was.

I have a few wonderful things to look forward to in 2012 — my fifth cancerversary, the arrival of my friend’s TWINS, my brother’s possible wedding date (the engagement is “on”, the date just isn’t set yet that I’m aware of), and who knows what else.

So I’ll keep this short and just wish my friends and family a very happy and healthy new year.

See you in 2012.