little things

I’ve had a little things come up and though unrelated to the next, thought I’d just put them down for the hell of it.

  1. I did the shaving of my head wrong. Yes, wrong.

    I should’ve had Vince shave it as a mohawk – at least for a picture or one day or some such – before we zipped off the rest.

    Now that would have been an image to behold! 

  2. Side effects – mine have been mouth sores, heartburn/indigestion and the other end….lucky me.

  3. Toothbrush – so, if I have mouth sores, one of the things you have to do is be careful when brushing your teeth. The handout the clinic gives you advises you to purchase a “super soft” toothbrush.

    I’ve got news for you – “super soft” are NOT available in adult size. In fact “baby” and “5 & up” seem to be on most of them….do you get where this is headed?

    So now I own a shark with a suction cup at the end so that I can attach it to the counter.


    Now where this takes a twist: a co-worker and I were laughing about this and she said something about a Wonder Woman toothbrush. Well, now the hunt is on….

  4. Meeting interesting people….I’ve met a lady who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer back in October 2004. Speaking with her was a joy and it’s nice to have someone with the same cancer. Until me, she’s had no-one to share more thoroughly with…It makes me wonder what the stats are for IBC here on the Island….Could we be the only two??

    Even more fun, she wants to assemble her own team for the Walk to End Breast Cancer and I love her team name – which I won’t share here because it’s not official and it’s SOOOO good that I don’t want anyone else to take it.