long week

This has been a long week and not necessarily a bad one, but not the best either.

Recurrance of Infection

Yep, you go it. Infection is back. The good news is that I caught it early (well it was “surface” this time as opposed to waiting for it to bubble up like the last time – sorry on the graphic) and oral antibiotics seem to be clearing it up. I’ll be seeing my surgeon for a little while longer though.

Return to Work

I returned to work part-time only this week (mornings) and by Friday was pooped. Each day is okay till about 11 a.m. when my shoulder/arm are aching. I won’t be full-time anytime soon at this rate.

Feeling Blue

I have two reasons for feeling a bit blue.

The first is because of a dear friend and one of my heroes: Tracy, a 5+ -year breast cancer survivor. She’s got “spots” on her lung and the attempt to biopsy the largest one this past week failed due to its location (right behind a rib), so now she sees her oncologist and a surgeon on Monday to find out what’s next. There’s more to the story than this, obviously, but I don’t want to type it all out. She’s scared and worried and I’m frustrated that there’s nothing I can say to make it better. [I guess that’s how most of you have felt with me.] Any additional positive thoughts and prayers Tracy’s way would be appreciated.

The second reason is me and is twofold.  The reoccurrence of the infection knocked me down a bit;  why does this recovery have to be so complicated?? The other thing is the Freedom of Information Act – I have my oncologist’s reports. In the last one he has indicated the significant risk for reoccurrence due to the pathology and his hopes that both herceptin and tamoxifen have a positive affect on detering growth. Just a little bit scary for me. Staying “positive” or having the right attitude is not always easy.

Harry Potter

A bright light is that the new Harry Potter book is released and I get my copy today!!! [And it will be finished by tomorrow!]


For those of you who haven’t found Facebook yet [facebook.com], it’s the new craze for finding (and getting/keeping in touch with) old “friends”. Not quite sure what to make of it yet. I find it awkward to navigate and worse yet, not entirely certain half the names I’ve come across are people I want to reach out and touch. I’ve learned this past year who is important to me and they all know how to reach me.

That’s it for now….doesn’t appear this blog is going away any time soon, eh?



2 thoughts on “long week

  1. I think that this is a great way to keep in touch and updated. Sometimes I let emails lag and it’s a always a problem for me to respond then.


  2. Glad you are keeping your blog just because I like to read it and know how you are doing when the emails stay in my head (instead of going through infospace to your computer). I am saying lots of prayers for Tracy. From what you’ve told me she’s a battler. I hope that only her best hopes are realized.

    As always you are in my prayers too. I hope that bloody infection gets the message this time.

    Don’t tell me the end of Harry. I haven’t got mine yet. I cheaped out on the freight costs. :o( (now I regret it)

    Take Care missus
    Love Ro

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