look good…feel better

That’s the name of the program I went to last night with a friend.

It’s about doing things to help make the ravages of chemo not so apparent, make yourself look good and ensure that you feel better about yourself.

The first hour had us do make-up. I know. I know. I don’t wear make-up. But what the heck, they give you about $200+ in free cosmetics and it’s just about having fun.

Roisin, my friend who came with me, was so funny. You could tell all she’d like to do was take over what I was doing and apply the make-up to me herself. Instead she was relegated to telling me (in the awful light) if I succeeded in getting it on evenly. Occasionally she gave in and told me to apply a bit more. To say I put as little on as possible was an understatement!!

The second hour was a lesson about wigs and how they’re made. Then Leanna, who is naturally bald (alopecea), gave ideas for head coverings, like scarves, beanies, hats.

All in all it was SO much fun, totally not what I usually do, and I’m glad I went.


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