Bad Hair Week!

***CAUTION*** – IMAGES BELOW MAY BE TOO GRAPHIC FOR YOU.— Ever wonder what a craniotomy incision looks like?

This revved up version of my blog will contain more real images and events. Always with my sense of humour.

The dot on my forehead is where the halo screw was tightened. The hair is gross – full of whatever operation stuff, blood clots and general ICK. The red mark on my neck is from the borg implant removal – a central line iv that was right into my neck.

The After

Live. Breathe. Thrive.❣

3 thoughts on “medusa

  1. I dunno…through this whole COVID thing the latest item that stores are having issue keeping stocked is hair dyes.
    You put the whole vanity/trailer park roots thing to shame…grey roots vs battle scars!
    Battle scars win every time!
    Love you girl!!!

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