Yep, you read that right, I’m finally having a full-blown meltdown.

I just found out that I AM HER2 positive. It means that the HER2 protein has been overactive in causing cell growth – cancer growth. It also increases my likelihood for reoccurence.

So, pardon me while I meltdown.

It’s the second piece of bad news I’ve had (cancer being the first). But I do love my oncologist for being positive about beating this too. He’s confident the drug herceptin is going to help me.


2 thoughts on “meltdown

  1. Man…I’m sorry to hear that. Just when things were really looking positive. Thoughts with you and keep on going!

  2. Hi Gayle! I know I haven’t been in touch, but I keep up with your blog all the time. I pray like crazy for you every day, and you are always on my mind. I know you can be the most stubborn pain in the *#@# going when you don’t like something or want something to go “your way”, so I know that as hard as this is for you, you are going to come out on top. I have so much faith in your strength. You are in my thoughts every day, and my very best thoughts and wishes go out to you always. You are also perfectly within your right to have a meltdown whenever you want one! Just keep being you (strong) at the same time. Love and Prayers……Hollie

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