missing mom

I was walking into work and I kept thinking of things I’d like to tell mom about – my adventures, how happy Vince makes me, etc.

But it wasn’t until I got into work and looked at the calendar that I realized how profound it was that I should think of mom so thoroughly today. I guess the subconscious-thing was in full swing. You see, 12 years ago today my mother passed away.

I was doing pretty okay with that knowledge, as in not so emotional, until a co-worker came by a little upset because her mother is not doing well at all. She was trying to decide whether to go be with her or not. I shared my only regret about my mother’s passing, which was that I had not taken more time to be with her at the end; she passed while I was at work. And then the tears started.

I miss you Mommy. Every day, but especially today.