You have NO idea how much of a Monday this was….I am so glad it’s over.

I must admit that my sense of humour has taken a nose dive today.

I’m not sleeping very well. As a matter of fact, I seem to have a thing for about 5:30 in the morning. I wake up and I’m WIDE awake. Just when I finally begin to doze off, the seagull chorus kicks in and I’m kept awake a little longer.

I know that sleeping problems are supposed to come with the chemo, but I also think it’s worry about the test results. I am so scared that I’m going to get kicked while I’m already down.

But back to today. I have blood work every week after chemo and just before – gotta make sure my levels aren’t bottoming out, you know.  I went to the lab at the hospital. It just made sense – all info is recorded, the cancer clinic can access the record directly without having to reenter results from a MDS Metro lab. I thought if I went for 7:30 a.m. that I would easily be in and out and at work by my start time of 8:30 a.m. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

There were 11, count ’em, 11 OLD people there ahead of me and more coming in behind me. Now, I’m there early so I can get to work. Can anyone tell me why they’re there that early? Do any of them have jobs?? Who knew so many early birds live in sleepy, boring Victoria? Given that I was out of sorts about lack of sleep, being number 8 (they’d processed 3 already) didn’t do my impatience any good.

Then the morons managed to mix papers up and they called people out of order. Oh, let me rephrase that, they called people who came AFTER me before they called me.

It took, and I kid you not, 5 minutes to actually take ONE VIAL of blood. However, the actual process took me 55 minutes and it took me an extra 30 minutes to get to work because I MISSED the damn bus by seconds and had to wait 15 minutes for the next one.

But, to end this on a positive note, I did have a laugh at day’s end. I was getting ready to leave and my bus pass was on my desk when a co-worker came by, picked it up and had a look at the picture. Without thinking I said, “That’s back when I had hair.” Ain’t that the truth!


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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Let me assure you those early bird old people don’t just go to the lab you were at! The same line up found me and I thought the same thing! For me it was after I returned to work but unfortunately tests continue for awhile…I guess it is just one of the small lessons of patience you will NEED to acquire! Keep your chin up!

    love and hugs,

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