more than you need to know?

Remember when I said that some posts would be private? Well, I’ve been a coward. You see, if I put it down in writing, then it must be true. But if I don’t, then I can ignore it indefinitely.

I’ve only ever talked about this with anyone other than Vince briefly and it was with my friend and her fiance at Christmas time and it brought tears. They made me feel “normal” ~ there’s that word again, dammit ~ and had only words of sympathy and encouragement.

I’m going to be attending a free public presentation at the Cancer Centre on February 13th. It’s called “Everything you ever thought you wanted to know about sex (and cancer) but were afraid to ask”.
That’s as close as I’ll come to posting anything remotely this private again in a public forum.


1 thought on “more than you need to know?

  1. You know there are some of us out here that would happily talk to you about anything we can. I can’t completely understand your thoughts, emotions, or complications related to the topic above, but if you need an ear…some people say I should have been a therapist…
    Apparently I can assess other people’s situations pretty well (doesn’t mean I can deal with my own effectively or efficiently)…
    If you need anything that you think I can help with, you know how to find me!
    Love you – KTBS

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