Oh lord, why do I have to live in a city where screens on windows are optional???  Okay, screens do exist on mostly newer homes and some (of those who move from another province and can’t handle the thought of no screens) install them.

So now you know “how”, what you don’t know is the “what” exactly.

I had a close encounter with a mutant spider….I’ve since found out they’re called wolf spiders….last night. It came in from the night (up the side of my apartment building I might add) and as it passed under the tv, the light from the tv caused it to cast a shadow!  Eeeeek! You know it has to be big if it’s casting a shadow!

The body was approximately 7/8 of an inch in length and about the width of my thumb (1/2 inch) and the legs were LONG. Oh, did I mention I could see the hair/fur on it too????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major freakout. No Vince to save me (he works afternoons) and damned if I was letting the beast stay in my home!

One piece of cardboard (to stop it from getting under furniture, stove, fridge and anywhere near me!!), one walking stick (approximately 5 ft. tall), a wad of paper towel and one hurried toilet flush later, I was sanitizing my carpet and my hands. I’m never touching the walking stick again.

According to online sources (researched after the fact, thank you – wasn’t taking my eyes off the beast in case it tried to hide), they bite and it can hurt.

I need screens. Badly.

I also need a stiff drink.