my body

I’ve learned more things about bodily functions and my body in general that I whenever a doctor asks a question, I’ll be able to provide details probably not needed.

Did you know that Tylenol 3’s contribute to constipation? Of course you did. So did I. What I didn’t realize is that I’d be passing rocks. Somewhere in all literature should be “laxative PLUS stool softener”.

The soreness is still there – as is the swelling and the drains. I had no idea that a body could produce so much fluid. I can’t WAIT for the drains to come out – 6 more sleeps.

I also have a funny walk/look right now – sort of a cross between gorilla (holding my arms away from my body due to swelling and drains) and a hunchback (not able to stand/sit completely upright due to drains and incisions). I have some serious physio ahead of me just to regain full motion in my arms.

I had no idea that the incisions would be so long. Both start about mid-chest and extend to under the arms.

And since I’m so cranky right now, I’d say I’m improving right on schedule.



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