my heroes

I just wanted to briefly share my list of heroes.

  1. My mother – who died from lung cancer 7 years ago tomorrow.
  2. Cathy – a two-time! survivor of breast cancer and wonderful friend.
  3. Tracy – a breast cancer survivor and very dear friend.
  4. Terri – one of Vince’s best friends, who passed away from metastized breast cancer. 
  5. Sylvia – a breast cancer survivor and relative.
  6. Carolyn - a breast cancer survivor and one of my mom’s nursing classmates. 
  7. Monique – a co-worker who has just started the survivor path – just months ahead of me in diagnosis – two types of cancer (one type in each breast).
  8. Josie – a co-worker and breast cancer survivor.
  9. Patricia – a co-worker and breast cancer survivor.


4 thoughts on “my heroes

  1. Oh my dear Gayle, it has been FAR too long since we connected. You are ALWAYS in my heart, thoughts and prayers! You really really need to put yourself on your list…don’t EVER doubt your ability to pull through this…ESPECIALLY with that magnificent laugh of yours! Thank you for thinking of me as a hero…you are one of mine and don’t you forget that! Wrap your arms gently around yourself and squeeze as hard as you can stand it…there…that was from me!

    You hang in there girlfriend!

  2. Oh no! I don’t recall you ever telling me that your Mom died. Sorry to hear that. 🙁

    And, KTB is right, you’re going to be on that list!

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